Profit From Podcast

Podcasting has become a hugely popular way of distributing audio, video, and text content for both amateurs and professionals alike. Many find themselves drawn to podcasts because of its ease of use. Podcasts generally also have a low cost start-up that many find attractive. While some publishers create their podcasts simply as a hobby, some will eventually want to make a profit from their time and work, Businesses and organizations especially ought to be concerned with podcast monetization, as they're likely paying employees or contractors to create their content.

Once you've decided that you want to make money with your podcast, there are many different avenues you should investigate to decide which is right for you and the content you provide. One of the most popular strategies for monetizing a podcast is to sell advertising space on your website. In order to do this effectively, you need to bring traffic to your site. Pay-per-click advertising has been a good source of revenue for many publishers, and the most popular model around is Google AdSense. With AdSense, you'll generate revenue every time a visitor clicks on an ad from your site.

Using AdSense and affiliate programs has made lots of money for marketers. But how do you use this keyword-search-based industry with audio or video? A great way is to create transcripts of content in boards, forums, blogs, etc. Instead of AdSense, many publishers have instead chosen to host affiliate advertising through networks like Commission Junction and ClickBank. With this method, you can choose which ads appear, and commissions tend to be higher, since they're based on leads generated or sales made through your site's traffic.

For individuals really dedicated to providing quality content on their podcast, it's hard to beat simply charging for the content. Charging subscribers for premium content can seem daunting to publishers; after all, competition for subscribers is hard enough when you're offering podcasts for free. However, subscribers are willing to pay for content if it's worth it, and especially if your content has a unique niche in the marketplace. If this is a model you're thinking of pursuing, you need to look into securing your RSS feed to be sure that your content isn't being distributed without authorization. A good way to build a base of paying subscribers is to offer a portion of your content for free as a sort of teaser, but allowing full access only through paid subscription.

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Windows VPS - Cheap VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is the common choice now for small as well as medium scale enterprises. VPS Hosting is cost effective as well as feature rich so people find it more attractive as compared to dedicated servers as well as Shared Hosting solutions. It comes in two forms namely Windows VPS as well as Linux VPS. A Windows VPS is definitely more popular as it is compatible with lots of software and programs and hence it serves varied purposes for different requirements of businesses. It is more friendly with the user too as it is based on GUI and is not based on text commands. Windows VPS is also known as Cheap VPS as it is very cheap and so it is the best VPS among all.

VPS Hosting allows businesses as well as individuals to take the best advantage of it by offering various services. A Virtual Server is created by using Virtuozzo which is the basis of virtualization. With the help of Virtuozzo lots of Virtual Servers are created on a single physical server which also behave independently and have their own identity. Now your Virtual Server acts just like your dedicated server. Data is put on a VPS in the form of a Virtual Machine also known as VM.

Windows VPS or a Cheap VPS has lots of advantages :

• You do not have to maintain your server anymore. Your hosting provider will do it for you at no extra cost.

• You can host multiple accounts on the same server which means that you can host multiple websites under the same Virtual Server.

• There is no bad neighbor effect in case of a Cheap VPS solution even though they share the same physical server.

• Your server is also updated by your hosting provider on a regular basis.

• You have more resources available to yourself in case of a VPS. These resources can also be increased or decreased as per requirements.

• People who want to set up their own hosting company can take the advantage form Cheap VPS Hosting as well. This is known as Reseller VPS Hosting.

• Customization of your server is also possible in case of Windows VPS or Cheap VPS.

• Also your servers are secured completely here in this hosting.

• You get control over your server as well the root access to your server. Now you can reboot your server independently.

• One of the biggest advantage of VPS Hosting is that it is cheap.

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Google +1 Review

Google + is Google's social network and was launched in June 2011. It is made up of several components which are Stream, Sparks, Hangouts, Huddle, Circles and Photos. As we understand it, there will be other features launched at a future date including Google + for business. Google + is currently only for "personal" users.
It's clear that Google have put a lot of thought (and money) into this project and want to establish themselves as the premier social network of the future alongside Facebook.

At the time of writing you have to be invited by another user to join. Once you have accepted your invitation you have to set up your public Google Profile.

Set up Your Google Profile
You will be asked to complete all the usual information such as adding a photo, contact details, date of birth, employment etc but the most important is your background since it tells visitors to your profile exactly what you want them to know. You can also set up links to all of your other social media here as well as your website(s) so that visitors can connect with you in as many ways as you would like them to.

You should also take time to customise your privacy settings when setting up your profile. Just click on the 'gear' icon to change and view your settings.

Circles are the places that you organise your friends and you can drag and drop people into as many circles as you wish. There are a number of default circles created for you but you can create as many as you wish. Circles can easily be renamed or deleted. The benefit of circles is that you can share different content with different groups of people.

Your stream is a newsfeed of the latest content shared by your circles and can be anything from a status update to a photo or video or a link to a piece of content such as a blog post for example. You can '+1' a piece of content (akin to Facebook 'like'). When you want to share some content you choose who you share it with - it might be public (all your circles) or selected circles or individuals. You can filter your stream using the left hand navigation.

Sparks is where you can search for content you are interested in. You can then create a Spark Category and always see the latest information on that subject. This content can then easily be shared with your circles. For example if you had an internet marketing business then one of your 'Sparks' might be "Internet Marketing". It it were skiing then you might have one called "skiing". Whenever you click on one of your own 'Sparks' you will get the latest content displayed to you.

In hangouts you can hold a group video chat. When you start a hangout your friends will see the hangout prompt in their stream and can join the hangout. The maximum number of participants at one time is ten. There is also a group text chat feature that can be used here.

In photos you can see recently uploaded photos of your friends, check out photos you have been tagged in and create albums.

Google + is currently only available on the android operating system. There are currently two features - 'huddle' for group text chat and 'instant upload' where you can sync your pictures with your desktop.

Google + is definitely a work in progress and it is clear this is going to evolve into a very powerful platform to compete with Facebook. Once their business platform launches it will be interesting to see what advantages there are over Facebook and how they are going to monetise it.
There are obviously going to be pros and cons of Google + but our first impression has been very positive and looking forward to seeing the platform develop.

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Using Facebook for Marketing Your Products Online

If you have a business that you would like to promote online, you should know how to use Facebook for marketing purposes. Facebook is a social networking site that has a very high traffic. It can help spread news instantly if it catches its users' interest. No doubt, this site is one effective marketing tool that can give a good break to someone or something.

The first thing you should do is to have an account with Facebook to build your presence. Aside from your personal profile, create another account for your business. Go to the website of Facebook, sign up and give the required information.
Once your account is created, invite friends to it, especially those who are sure to buy from you. You can also buy Facebook ads where your own ads will be viewed by your targeted customers. Get the email addresses from your email list and upload them in your Facebook account. These people may also be in the site and you can add their friends to your friends list. This is one important step on how to use Facebook for marketing.

The next step to take after opening an account is to establish credibility. This means people who see your page will trust you immediately. Place pictures of your business, your products and the entrepreneurial activities you have done. You can also entice people to buy from you by offering online coupons that they can use when they purchase your product. Do not forget to place a link to your official website so that people will know you are legitimate and they would be able to view what you have to offer.

You also need to make your Facebook page look professional. This means you must design it with captivating and interesting pictures and graphics. Do not make it boring and cluttered. To do this, you can ask an expert on web page designing to help you. This will make your potential customers feel welcome and interested. Having a creative page is how to use Facebook for marketing purposes.
The next step would be to educate your online friends and potential customers. To do this, make sure all the information you place in your account is real and not offensive. Place relevant articles, notes and newsletters that customers will be able to gain insights from. You can also place links to informative websites, article, presentations and online e-books. Make sure these information help promote the product you are selling. If for example you are selling educational toys for babies, you can place an article on how to educate babies when they are still in their mothers' womb.

You can also post online surveys in your page to make it interactive. You can also devise a way for potential customers to interact with one another by posting their comments on certain topics. For example, you can have a different topic everyday that they can comment on. Make sure your daily topic has something to do with the product or services you are selling.

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Important using Anchor Text Links

Some webmasters optimize certain pages for different keywords, and once they're done, they think that that's all they can do to increase their rankings for those keywords. This is certainly not the case, as anchor text links are even more important than the page itself according to Google experts. You might ask just how important are anchor text links, and there are a few examples out there to show that they are more than vital to getting a high listing.

For those who don't know, a Google bomb is a practice used to get a certain page listed very highly in the search engines for a particular keyword or phrase (most people give it a negative connotation even though it refers to both positive and negative practices). The way people do this is by linking that particular keyword or phrase to the intended page numerous times, and after a period of time (when done on a consistent basis), the keyword ranks highly in Google. The most famous example of a Google bomb is the "miserable failure" bomb, in which at one point almost all the search engines had the #1 result for "miserable failure" being a biography of George W. Bush, despite that page not containing the phrase "miserable failure" even once. Although this can be humorous to some, this shows the immense power in anchor text links, as they can lead to both positive and negative results in the search engines. The first recorded infamous Google bomb was recorded in 1999 when the #1 result for "more evil than Satan himself" was a link to the Microsoft homepage.

These are just a few examples of how truly important anchor text links are to any SEO campaign. The first place to start is within your website. By finding any keywords on your different pages, do yourself a favor and link some of these to the intended pages. Getting five to ten links in your articles or blog posts to different pages that are going after those individual keywords can add up after a while, and can do a majority of the work for you. For those who don't have the luxury of large amounts of original content on their own websites, take advantage of article directories through syndication. By syndicating the articles you have to numerous article directories, you can insert anchor text links into the body or resource boxes. Other ways you can get anchor text links include comment posting, social media, and press releases. Just asking friends or family that have websites for a link or two with the desired keyword can make a difference.

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