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Podcasting has become a hugely popular way of distributing audio, video, and text content for both amateurs and professionals alike. Many find themselves drawn to podcasts because of its ease of use. Podcasts generally also have a low cost start-up that many find attractive. While some publishers create their podcasts simply as a hobby, some will eventually want to make a profit from their time and work, Businesses and organizations especially ought to be concerned with podcast monetization, as they're likely paying employees or contractors to create their content.

Once you've decided that you want to make money with your podcast, there are many different avenues you should investigate to decide which is right for you and the content you provide. One of the most popular strategies for monetizing a podcast is to sell advertising space on your website. In order to do this effectively, you need to bring traffic to your site. Pay-per-click advertising has been a good source of revenue for many publishers, and the most popular model around is Google AdSense. With AdSense, you'll generate revenue every time a visitor clicks on an ad from your site.

Using AdSense and affiliate programs has made lots of money for marketers. But how do you use this keyword-search-based industry with audio or video? A great way is to create transcripts of content in boards, forums, blogs, etc. Instead of AdSense, many publishers have instead chosen to host affiliate advertising through networks like Commission Junction and ClickBank. With this method, you can choose which ads appear, and commissions tend to be higher, since they're based on leads generated or sales made through your site's traffic.

For individuals really dedicated to providing quality content on their podcast, it's hard to beat simply charging for the content. Charging subscribers for premium content can seem daunting to publishers; after all, competition for subscribers is hard enough when you're offering podcasts for free. However, subscribers are willing to pay for content if it's worth it, and especially if your content has a unique niche in the marketplace. If this is a model you're thinking of pursuing, you need to look into securing your RSS feed to be sure that your content isn't being distributed without authorization. A good way to build a base of paying subscribers is to offer a portion of your content for free as a sort of teaser, but allowing full access only through paid subscription.

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